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Most Helpful App for Breast Cancer Treatment

This Was The Most Helpful App for Breast Cancer Treatment

In our tech driven world, it seems like there is an App for everything. But, I’m not really an App person. However, I do know people who have their phones filled with Apps. They talk about discovering a new App like it’s liquid gold. Sometimes I wish I was that person.

My latest download was PBS Kids. Says a lot about me and how I use my phone. It’s funny I’d be devoted to an App for breast cancer much less tout it.


It was always there when I needed it.


It kept me organized for doctor visits.


It holds history of conversations that I knew I’d forget.


What’s this miraculous place?


Get ready…


It’s a real break-through…


Wait for it…


The NOTES App on my iPhone!!!

 app for breast cancer


(Are you disappointed? Expected something new? I did say I wasn’t so tech savvy.)


Seriously, it was the thing I kept going back to before every doctor’s visit.


How Did The App for Breast Cancer Help?

For my Stage 3A hormone receptor breast cancer, I chose the full Monty of treatment. Surgery, chemotherapy round 1, chemotherapy round 2 and radiation therapy.


I saw doctors a lot.

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When I could, I took another person to my doctor’s appointments to remember what the doctor said and keep me on point with my questions and concerns.


My first stage of treatment, surgery, felt like it happened so fast. I was diagnosed. Then BAM on the operating table. I was in complete shock over my diagnosis. A kind of PTSD. I needed all the help I could get.


I used the NOTES app on my iPhone to type any thought I wanted to review with my care team. I labeled the NOTES “Travis-Doctor” (Breakthrough, I know.)

I have other lists like “Whole Foods” and “Christmas list – 2016.” Helps me remember what I gave everyone .


The genius of the NOTES app is that it’s literally with me all the time. I mean, not in the shower, but probably on the bathroom counter.


This meant if we were eating dinner and I thought of a question, I typed it in.

If I was at the library story time and a question popped up, I typed it in.

Even on a conference call. Especially on those  l  o  n  g   conference calls. Questions came up. I typed them in.


You get the picture.


Now, when I look at my NOTES for “Travis-Doctor,” there are two sub-sections; oncology and radiology. Under “Oncology,” there is a list of questions to ask my doctor on the visit before my last chemotherapy hit.


Here they are…

my notes app iphone

At the bottom, you can see what looks like a recipe. It is. A recipe for soaking my fingers as the chemo caused my nails to separate from my skin. A common side effect. It didn’t hurt. More annoying than anything.


My point is, I really used NOTES to prep for doctor visits like I would a big corporate meeting.


I also needed to take notes after asking all those questions. Usually asking my doctor or PA to slow down.


I never really liked studying or prepping for tests. But I knew I could not slack on getting the info I needed from my doctor at those precious appointments.


The NOTES App was my little memory bank. There when I needed it. Holding information, I might forget. Keeping me on point to get answers.


Hope this helps.


If you have other Apps for breast cancer that helped you or someone you know, will you add them to the Comments section? Maybe it will help someone else. Thanks!

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