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Working with Sarah McLeod

I thought writing this blog would come easily, but it hasn’t. What do I say about working with Sarah McLeod? She is a healer, a teacher, a modern-day shaman. She comes from Australia and lives in Marin County with her family. She’s connected to source in a way that I’m just learning.

You may think, what the heck are you talking about Travis?

Take a chance and come with me on my ride with Sarah.

First Meeting

We first met at her house in the grassy valleys of west Marin. A friend introduced us after my misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy. My pain so thick it weighed heavy like a blanket keeping me on the couch for weeks.

Our mutual friend said Sarah McLeod had healing abilities. “Trust me,” she said. “You need this.”

One afternoon I met Sarah McLeod at her house. Her healing room covered with paintings I later found she created. A massage table sat in the middle waiting for me, an invitation to let go.

We didn’t talk much during this first meeting only to say niceties. I felt heavy.  The loss of the pregnancy following me. I didn’t mention what I was going through. I could see Sarah read my vibe or energy and invited me on the table.

sarah mcleod

Then, I’m not sure what happened. The experience much like the reiki sessions I wrote about. I went to another plain feeling relieved to be out of my body.

It wasn’t until after the session, Sarah told me what she felt and saw. The word that came up was “violation” when her hands were over my womb. She thought the worst like maybe I’d been attacked. In a sense, I guess I was.

Physically, the fertility doctor used methotrexate to kill a baby she thought, but didn’t confirm, was growing in my fallopian tube. It was in my uterus instead.

The violation was twisted. For me, the ultimate violation was not listening to my intuition and what felt right. That’s why I’m adamant about second opinions. Working with Sarah McLeod set me on the path to heal emotionally and physically.

Working with Sarah McLeod

After my diagnosis , my experience with Sarah came back to me. I asked myself big questions like,

“Why did I develop breast cancer?”

“Why is this happening to me?”

“Will I die?”

“How can I heal?”

I set myself on a path to find answers and dig deep.

With Sarah, we hatched a plan. Commit to working together remotely for 12 sessions. We would talk on the phone. Then, on my side of the country, I would listen to a visualization Sarah created. On her side of the country, she would connect with spirit to see what needed clearing. A process she calls Vision Weaving.

(Here is a client of Sarah’s interviewing her. I think around minute 13 Sarah explains what she does. It’s awesome.)

Before my chemo, we started. Before writing this post, I tried to read Sarah’s notes. You see after my visualization and her Vision Weaving, she sent me an email. In it were learnings for me. Things to be heard and felt.

{Grace & Ease Sidebar}

I felt nervous sharing these experiences for fear of your judgement. Here is the thing, deep questioning brings up faith for me. Here’s my belief in a nut shell… I believe that God (the fluid energy of the universe, not the omnipotent brimstone guy) lives within me. And you. To tap into that energy, I needed help. I needed reminding of how to do it. Sarah McLeod helped me remember. I carry the power to heal myself. That power is love. I needed reminding how to love myself through literal nourishment. And most importantly through joy. Before diagnosis, I can honestly say joy on a day to day basis did not exist for me. The message I got from spirit by going through treatment was… my life, your life, is meant to be joyful. Whatever that is for me. Finding that and living that day to day is the honor of being alive.

I have 12 sessions of notes. Each two pages of text taking me through Sarah McLeod’s journey and connection for me. After each session I felt better. The timing of each connection perfectly placed where I needed it most.

There was a time during chemo when I struggled with mortality. My fear of dying ceased to be. I could feel that letting go, not following treatment and giving up, would be easier. More peaceful. Not for my husband and daughter, but for me it would have been easier to die. No more pain. No more struggle. My body would be laid to rest. My spirit could float into the ever-expanding energy of the universe and go home to source.

Sarah and I talked about this. She held space for an exploration of my spirit. To discern where I wanted to be and how I wanted to live going forward.

Big stuff.

My husband says some people plod through cancer treatment to get to the other side. Nothing changing. A bump in the road. I chose to use this moment in my life to go deep and see what I needed to change in my life. An evolution unfolding.

My sessions with Sarah McLeod were very personal. Each one a mini lesson on how to move forward. Working with her brought grace and ease.

Sharing with You

There are so many things I want to share with you about this experience. But, I’ll want more material for the book ?.

This came from our sixth session together. The exact mid-point of her walking with me during breast cancer treatment.

I experienced paradoxical energies. One, I recognized the joy in my life. I saw walking with my daughter at her pace allowed spontaneity and connection I normally didn’t see. I found writing again. I honored the care giver my husband embodied.

At the same time, my body was crushed by chemo. My vitality limited. I could see I needed my body in order to experience and live my new-found joy.

My message to myself was, “Please restore my vitality, my life force, my vigor and my function so that I may continue to live in this body and experience existence through this form.”

Then Sarah gave me this affirmation which I pass on to you. I invite you to say it as a prayer. Write it down and put it next to your bed. Say upon waking. Say before sleep. I hope it helps you or someone you love.

“I am vitality, I am the life force, I am vigor, I am healed, I am whole, I am in complete remission.”

When I said it, I imagined light running through my body. My eyes closed. A peaceful smile on my face. A feeling of contentment and quiet joy. My whole being, body and spirit, integrated and healed to stay on this planet.

If you’d like to explore working with Sarah McLeod, go to her web site and reach out.

Here is one of her visualizations on YouTube:

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