Hey there. I’m Travis. Four days before moving from San Francisco to North Carolina, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It took two biopsies, three mammograms and four doctors to diagnosis the Stage, 3A. I needed some grace and ease.

Because I was relatively young, 46, and because my daughter was three at the time, I choose the full Monty treatment; surgery, chemo and radiation.

Me after surgery in June 2016.

Through each stage of treatment, I was continuously finding my footing looking for support. What would help me through surgery? Through the chemo? And through the radiation?

Right after surgery, a high school friend called. Three women in her neighborhood had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Could you help them?” She asked. I texted a list of products that helped me.

Fast forward to now. I want to help other people going through this yucky process. Offer up things that helped me. Maybe through doing this, I can make sense of why I developed breast cancer. And, how I can heal myself for good.

My hope is that this blog can be a companion guide to help through diagnosis and treatment. A positive place for help and support.

If it feels that way to you, please tell me. And pass on to the friends, families and colleagues impacted by this disease.