After telling everyone I had breast cancer, I wrote updates about my process through email.

I wanted to address something everyone asked, “How can I help?”

When I wrote the email immediately I knew what I needed. Their collective energy to envision me going through treatment with grace and ease. Those two words just popped into my mind.

A luminary supporting my breast cancer recovery from my work O’hana at Kukui`ula on the island of Kauai.

Why did I choose those words instead of something else? Like strength? I’m a fighter and full of piss and vinegar. I didn’t need more of that energy. What I truly needed was for treatment to be as easy as possible. I just moved to a new city. I had a toddler. I needed easy. So, I asked for it.

I also wanted to go through this with grace. Not delve into self-pity or victim-hood. I needed the grace to ask for help, have faith and be in the present moment knowing, this too shall pass. So, I started signing the emails asking for grace and ease.

When I explored what to call this blog, those words popped up in my mind. If I needed them, surely others did too. Out of something so difficult and just plain sucky, Grace & Ease was born.

If you know someone impacted by breast cancer, please invite them here. Maybe they could use a little Grace & Ease.